why go rugged?

Resistance in harsh environments

Our rugged devices are drop resistant for 1.5m falls. This feature is the result of the tests performed on the devices as advised by the MIL-STD-810G which are recommendations by the military for testing.

Therefore, if you are tired of having your phone broken after falling from even small heights, going rugged will completely solve that problem.

The majority of the standard mobile phones we see on the market today are all susceptible to water seepage into their circuits. This means that with this inability, an adventurer, for example, wouldn’t be able to enjoy connectivity while enjoying water sports.

Life cycle

It’s common that consumer smartphones have a relatively shorter life cycle, generally one to one and a half years, which is not very good when it comes to industrial cases. It’s about not only the resistance to water, dust and shocks, but also a smooth operating system, custom software and other factors.

Considering the main functions industrial and outdoor enthusiasts ask for, it would be better if devices can have a well defined life cycle, ensuring at least 2+ years usage. Rugged phones are exactly designed to meet this.

Enterprise extensions

Security is always a challenge and a key for industrial customers. Correspondingly, the demand of an information-security reliable device with smartphones’ user experience rises day by day. What kind of apps are employees allowed to install? What kind of data could be open-access? All these questions could be answered if you choose rugged phones with built-in firmware extensions, for example MDM/EMM like SOTI.

RugGear offers on-chip and microSD encryption on select devices. To learn more, please contact your local sales representative or get in touch with us here.

An all-in-one package

Rugged phones work as the reliable companion in your outdoor and industrial workplaces. It can fulfill multiple demands of industrial workers, including code scanning, push-to-talk, data encryption, OTG-extensions for business meetings, even in the harshest environments full of water, mud and shocks.

Equipped with the latest Android OS and powerful Snapdragon processors, rugged phones can also provide great performance in daily life for entertainment use. Large displays, all of your favorite apps, great cameras, all these features combined together make rugged phones an all-in-one package which can accompany you anywhere.