What makes a phone rugged?

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What makes a phone rugged?

When using phones or tablets while working in industrial environments or outdoors, there is a chance that they can become damaged. This can be prevented by using a phone that can withstand the elements and hazards of sites where production occurs.

All RugGear phones have been conceived to offer robust designs to withstand many environmental challenges. These include cases of dust, water, and temperatures from both extreme heat to extreme cold.
But what makes a phone rugged?

IP Ratings and MIL-STD

Rugged devices are phones or tablets that are more durable than standard models.
How do we make sure that a rugged phone is durable?

Our phones have been put through a lengthy testing series – from drop testing to water pressure, to salt spray.
This makes us proud to say many of our mobile phones have been certified with an IP Rating of 68. This means they are completely dust-resistant and waterproof over 1.5 metres for up to 1h.

Furthermore, MIL-STD 810G means that they have been tested and can be dropped. The height depends on the width of the phone display. So phones can fall without harm from any height up to 1.2 metres.

RG725 perfect in every situation

RugGear Devices

To make sure our phones can be used outdoors, they are equipped with outdoor-friendly displays. This makes them easily readable even in direct sun light. They are also made with the highest quality materials to ensure their strength.

Robust and receptive, the displays on our phones can be used with gloves, in addition to wet hands.

With all these features together, RugGear devices are perfect for outdoor work. While useful for building and farming they are also designed for PTT. This makes RugGear phones ideal for industrial environments such as manufacturing industry. They can not only help communication flow directly from the floors, as well as during the delicate logistic phase.

Security For Your Device And Yourself

Furthermore, we craft all of our products to a high physical standard. We also feature customizable SOS buttons, to ensure that our customers feel secure when working alone or in hazardous areas. RugGear mobile phones can be made Loneworker protection ready. This means that, by downloading our proprietary L.W.P.( (Lone Worker Protection application), you can assign several different security features to your phone or tablet .

The RG725 is ideal for a more compact usage, boasts a dedicated PTT channel switch along with our usual high-quality features.

For tablet use, our award-winning RG910 provides rugged support in the field, with a larger screen for clearer application usage.

For more information, you can visit their product pages or contact us at support@ruggear.com
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