use cases.


Our devices are designed for Industry 4.0, to automate and mobilise the manufacturing process and generate greater productivity and efficiency for businesses. Heavy machinery, high levels of dust and noise require a tough mobile phone for the job in hand and our ultra-rugged built devices ensures workers can get on with labour-intensive work with ease.

RugGear’s devices enable workers to grab information fast as the screens are built for the utmost clarity; for example, the RG910 tablet’s large display makes it easy to read manuals and calibrate machines. Workers can communicate swiftly with our PTT enabled phones, for example, to notify the team of an issue that could hold up production.


The construction industry requires workers to work in tough environments as dust, noise, and water make it difficult to carry regular smartphones.

Most mobile devices on the market are not tough enough to prevent dust or water from reaching the inner circuits, or provide protection from high temperatures and impact. RugGear mobile phones eliminate these problems completely.

The IP68 and MIL-STD-810G standards provide resistance to dust, water, and impact. Moreover, push-to-talk (PTT) and built-in front speakers with powerful output can guarantee construction workers clear audio and boost communication efficiency.

Public security

Law and enforcement personnel face situations where they have to act rationally, fast. In these situations, like a hot pursuit, or a stand-off with a criminal, officers require a device to keep in touch with each other easily. Regular smartphones cannot keep officers connected in emergencies.

Our devices are push-to-talk (PTT) ready in hardware and software and will withstand harsh environments. A selection of RugGear devices are equipped with high lumen torches and multifunctional alarms, especially man-down functions, which increases the security efficiency to ensure the safety of all personnel.


The hospitality industry centres on caring for the customer and connectivity between staff is paramount to ensuring customers remain happy. For some hotels, an employee will carry at least two devices, one for each function, for example record keeping, communication, enterprise resource planning (ERP) management.

RugGear’s devices have the ability to deliver communication through push-to-talk (PTT), and allow staff to keep track of their work using proprietary apps. Staff can work more efficiently, saving businesses considerable time and money and in turn, results in a more satisfied workforce.

In addition, the added certification of IP68 and MIL-STD-810G protects the phones from dust, water and drops.


Airports rely on the efficiency of ground crew for seamless operations to reduce delays at every step.

While many ground handling staff on average handle at least two devices to cover their tasks, our phones and tablets provide the necessary technological advancements in one device. Staff often need a camera to take photos of damaged baggage, a tablet to manage ground operations, and a walkie-talkie (PTT) to contact teams.

RugGear devices are push-to-talk and contain an industrial scanner with a maximum rate of 100 times per minute (link to RG760 page), resulting in an impressive work efficiency. Managers can deploy their team with PTT software solutions on RugGear hardware, and can send and receive the pictures immediately for fast results.

Government & Military

Organisations like the FBI and the CIA cannot risk a breach of their data. The nature of the job requires a smartphone that has all the latest functions, enables them to communicate in privacy and is slimline. RugGear devices are completely secure with end-to-end on-Chip or SD encryption*, along with software PTT solutions so users will no longer need to worry about classified data leaks.

In addition, our handsets can support private LTE networks (link to Private LTE page) so users can stay connected with their base in an impenetrable environment, particularly in remote areas. A device supporting the private LTE network of Band 31 (also known as B31 or LTE450) can perform even better in signal reception compared to public bands. To learn more about the RG760 that supports Band 31, click here.

* Hardware encryption available on some select RugGear models.