RugGear supports Swiss team of adventurers on road trip ‚4-Xtremes‘

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As the tour‘s name suggests, the adven-turous couple will travel to the world‘sfour most extreme locations with a speci-ally designed Mercedes-Benz Axor-based expedition vehicle: The interesting journey takes them to the Dead Sea, Israel (lowest situated landmark with -428 m a.s.l.), the Dasht-e Loot desert, Iran (hottest landmark with +70.7 º C), Oimjakon, Russia (coldest inhabited city with -71.2 º C) and to the Marsimik-La Pass, India (highest passable pass 5777 m a.s.l.). One of the most import- ant pre equisites for such a tour in extreme conditions is the technical equipment, i.e. reliable, robust and durable equipment that can withstand the most adverse conditions

Both RugGear devices (the RG910 Tablet and the RG850 Smartphone), that Andrea is using are IP68 and MIL-STD 810 G certifi ed to military standards, are resistant to dust, water, shocks, falls and the most extreme plus and minus temperatures. The fast and powerful Android 8.1 operating system, a scratch-resistant display made of gorilla glass and a long battery life guaranee smooth operation./p>

How did the plan for this trip come about? Mike had the idea for such a special trip a few years ago when he and Andrea spent three years in a Land Rover Defender 110 through North, Central and South America. The basis for the extreme tour was the plan- ning of an optimal touring vehicle that could withstand the most extreme conditions. The pre-planning of the 4-Xtremes trip then took a whole fi ve years. During this time Andrea and Mike worked hard, saved money and of course looked for sponsors and partners to support their project. After extensive research, countless e-mails and telephone calls, the two fi nally found 18 strong sponsors and partners, whom they are very happy about. Then the fi nal plan-ning could begin and nothing stood in the way of starting the trip in June 2018. Andrea and Mike have one of the main focuses, the project ‘Augenlicht’ of the SRK (Swiss redcross), very close to their hearts, which is why they collected donations even before the start of their journey. These donations will be used to fi ght eye diseases, mainly in Africa and Asia

The RG910 and RG850 in use

On their long journey Andrea and Mike rely on the RG910 tablet and the RugGear RG850 smartphone. With the Assisted Global Posi-tioning System (A-GPS) they use the RG910 for navigation - even with a variety of apps: is used here, but in some count-ries the Herewego App is more suitable as it often suggests better and shorter routes. For routes that lead through very remoteareas, the SovietMaps are also used. These have diff erent surfaces that allow you to


In spite of the extreme external conditions,the RugGear devices have withstood all adversities very well. At incredible outside temperatures of up to -50 to -60 º C, the de-vices always came into the heated living box overnight, as this helped to conserve the battery. Andrea and Mike were particularly pleased with the „glove-on technology“, i.e. that the displays of the RugGear devices can also be operated with gloves and that so many nice snapshots were taken, especially in the icy temperatures in Russia