Our devices are designed for Industry 4.0, to automate and mobilise the manufacturing process and generate greater productivity and efficiency for businesses. Heavy machinery, high levels of dust and noise require a tough mobile phone for the job in hand and our ultra-rugged built devices ensures workers can get on with labour-intensive work with ease.

RugGear’s devices enable workers to grab information fast as the screens are built for the utmost clarity; for example, the RG910 tablet’s large display makes it easy to read manuals and calibrate machines. Workers can communicate swiftly with our PTT enabled phones, for example, to notify the team of an issue that could hold up production.



Rugged mobile phones are ideal in construction sites. These are a challenging environment for workers, who have to operate heavy machinery through dust, excessive noise and adverse weather conditions.
In such a hazardous environment, communication between engineers, site workers and project managers is absolutely vital in ensuring the project is delivered on time and to high quality, and more importantly, the safety of all individuals.

Where most mobile devices are unable to withstand impact and repeated exposure to dust and water, RugGear mobile phone thrive in such conditions, allowing workers to complete tasks more safely and efficiently, while saving time and money.

Moreover, push-to-talk (PTT) and built-in front speakers with powerful output can guarantee construction workers clear audio and boost communication efficiency. Click here to find out more about PTT.


For security workers, effective, real time communication is paramount in ensuring safety within their corporations and to the general public.

In such situations, like a hot pursuit, or a stand-off with a criminal, officers require a device to keep in touch with each other easily. Regular smartphones cannot keep officers connected in emergencies.

Our devices are Push-to-Talk-over-Cellular (PoC) ready in both hardware and software and will withstand the harshest of working environments. PoC enables a much larger range than the conventional walkie talkie as it is able to utilise cellular and Wi-Fi networks. What is PTT?

A selection of RugGear devices are equipped with high lumen torches and multifunctional alarms, especially man-down functions, which increases the security efficiency to ensure the safety of all personnel.



The hospitality industry centres on caring for the customer and connectivity between staff is paramount to ensuring customers remain happy. For some hotels, an employee will carry at least two devices, one for each function, for example record keeping, communication, enterprise resource planning (ERP) management.

RugGear’s devices have the ability to deliver communication through push-to-talk (PTT), and allow staff to keep track of their work using proprietary apps. Staff can work more efficiently, saving businesses considerable time and money and in turn, results in a more satisfied workforce.

In addition, the added certification of IP68 and MIL-STD-810G protects the phones from dust, water and drops.


Air services (Ground handling, cargo)

For companies providing air services, employees are constantly moving between sites on a daily basis, and therefore effective communication is vital to the company’s success.

In an environment where any issues will delay passenger journeys, cause a backlog on flights and ultimately result in economic consequences, it is paramount that any incidents on site are reported and rectified with as quickly as possible.

Our devices are Push-to-Talk-over-Cellular (PoC) ready in both hardware and software, allowing staff to tailor their communication depending on the situation e.g. one-to-one, one-to-many, or between preset groups. Our devices can also have customised applications, e.g. allowing employees to access flight info, baggage info and their operational checklists.


Government & Military

Organisations like the FBI and the CIA cannot risk a breach of their data. The nature of the job requires a smartphone that has all the latest functions, enables them to communicate in privacy and is slimline. RugGear devices are completely secure with end-to-end on-Chip or SD encryption*, along with software PTT solutions so users will no longer need to worry about classified data leaks.

In addition, our handsets can support private LTE networks (link to Private LTE page) so users can stay connected with their base in an impenetrable environment, particularly in remote areas. A device supporting the private LTE network of Band 31 (also known as B31 or LTE450) can perform even better in signal reception compared to public bands. To learn more about the RG760 that supports Band 31, click here.

* Hardware encryption available on some select RugGear models.


Sole traders and professionals

Applied use of RugGear devices

Our Rugged mobile devices are tailored for business. Our focus is on sole traders who require resilient yet reliant device, for example plumbers, builders, carpenters, and individuals who have a passion for outdoor activities.

Professional businessmen may have learnt the hard way that a typical mobile phone does not hold up well when dropped, shocked or exposed to dust, sand or water. What they might seek is a rugged mobile devices, a phone robust enough to survive challenges faced in their work, whilst being stylish and compact to accompany them during their leisure time.

RugGear’s devices are highly resilient to shock, dust, water and temperatures, and provide an excellent solution to entrepreneurs with an active job or hobbies. Although the devices are highly resilient, there is no compromise on style, performance or functionality, with all devices designed to be as slim and compact as possible given the specifications.

Additionally, with a variety of stand-out features including extra loud speakers, GPS trackers, and Push-to-Talk capabilities, these devices make a number of other devices obsolete (e.g. torch, walkie talkie, camera, charger), allowing individuals to reduce the weight carried and increase freedom to move.

A Rugged device is not just for a specific purpose; a Rugged device does everything a normal device can do, and more. A number of Ruggear devices have dual-sim capability, meaning you can have both a work and personal number on a single device – this eliminates a common bugbear faced by workers, of having to carry two phones.

If the challenges faced by your mobile device aren’t confined to the workplace, but continue into your hobbies and time off, Rugged devices can also come in handy for those with a passion for the great outdoors.

The most popular devices are the RG725, RG850 and RG650 devices. These devices boast IP68 and MIL-STD durability ratings, edge to edge displays with outdoor readability and extra long battery lives. For full details of these devices, see the links below:

RG725 product picture
RG850 is a rugged smartphone that can survive drops, shocks or being exposed to dust, sand or water