private LTE.

What is private LTE?

A private LTE is a network that works differently from the public LTE networks in that it works only in a special location—for example a remote tundra, or an oil rig— for robust connectivity. The industrial trends are shifting. And to meet that change, an increase in the rate of connectivity is needed. That need is fulfilled by having private LTE.

This technology can enable a customer to have a network that is independent of the surrounding networks, that is faster than them, and that can self-organize.
Not just that, it has a cellular based security that can grant both SIM and non-SIM credentials for privacy.

Private LTE has great capacity of connecting a lot of devices all at once, is reliable, and has prospects for the future, especially for enterprises that have a lot of automated machinery.

The RugGear RG760, supports private LTE450, also known as Band 31. As a much lower frequency (450 MHz compared with 1500 MHz of general public network), this band can travel much further with lower energy decay, require less base stations thus cutting the cost and reach a large, dispersed population especially in rural areas. Thus, it is a great deployment choice for those whose workplace is remote and/or far reaching.

Private LTE has a wide range of application scenarios including:

  • offshore oil & gas
  • primary industries where not covered by public wireless infrastructure
  • wildlife reservations
  • catastrophe areas
  • forestry
  • mission-critical services (gov/mil, power plants, public safety)
  • venue services
  • shipping ports
  • logistics